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Term-Highlight is a highly customizable perl-compatible regexp highlighter for wide range of terminal emulators. Term-Highlight can be used as grep-like engine or command output highlighter. You can use it just to learn perl regular expressions!

2010-09-17 ::.

New version 1.7 released. Now it is possible to store snippets in file .hlrc in HOME directory. Stored snippet can be loaded with -s option of hl.

2010-08-17 ::.

New version 1.6 released. This is a simple bugfix release.

2008-12-26 ::.

Fedora 10 rpms are ready for download.

2008-12-20 ::.

New stable version Term::Highlight-1.5 is released.


2008-12-18 ::.

Simple documentation page was created.

2008-12-17 ::.

First version Term::Highlight-1.1 was uploaded.